Benefits for Students
College Renters Insurance Exclusive Benefits:

For insured residents, the property coverage is unique as it provided flexible coverage limits, a low deductible, replacement cost.

Our exclusive “Student Endorsement” increase coverage on personal electronics, and offers worldwide coverage. 

Key Features:

World Wide Property Coverage Up to 100% of property limits, whether student is at home, on campus, or abroad.

Replacement Cost Reimburses the full cost of a new, comparable item in the event of a loss.

No Limitation on Electronics No coverage limitation applied to personal computers, phones or tablets, making sure the items most important to your students are completely covered.

Loss of Use If a student’s insured residence is uninhabitable due to a covered peril, will pay additional living expenses for up to two weeks and up to 20% of the student’s property coverage limit.

Benefits for Housing Companies

Working with the student population requires the unique insight and concern.  The student population is frequently unaware of standard resident liability and also unprepared to pay for damages that they may be found responsible for.  

As a result, we work with student housing operators to address these unique needs in how we implement the program to enhance your leasing process. 

Provided Clarity. 

Our implementation process typically requires that each tenants clearly understood and acknowledge their responsibilities while living in residence. The statement also clarifies that the landlord is not responsible for the financial losses experienced by a resident.  

Reduce Management effort  

Instead of spending time requesting payments from individual tenants for damages at the conclusion of the lease, they were able to receive payment directly from the insurance company for covered losses

New fee income & Revenue Generation.

For properties that mandate their residents maintain $100,000 of personal liability coverage as part of the college renters insurance policy, we will structure attractive opportunities for property managers to produce new fee income.  

Transfer risk

Our program shifts the financial burden of uncollected receivables for property damage onto the insurance carrier of the resident.   For the property owner, the liability protection provided coverage in the event a resident (insured) is found legally liable for property damage or bodily injury to others in the tenant’s residence.  This reduces potential commercial insurance claims as well as reducing the collections burden for damages at the end of the lease. 

Free Resident Amenity

By implementing our program, your residents are eligible for the unique coverage features contained within our exclusive college renters insurance policy.  Unlike other renters insurance programs, all of your residents will be eligible regardless of their credit or insurance loss history.   

Comprehensive and Relevant Coverage for Your Student Residents


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