Why CollegeRentersInsurance.com? Our focus is on delivering college students and their families "right-fit" insurance products. CollegeRentersInsurance.com is exactly that - we deliver a Renters Insurance product that meets the life-style needs of young-adults:

CollegeRentersInsurance.com is a service of Next Generation Insurance Group, LLC. Renters Insurance is provided by and administered by Assurant Specialty Property.

Assurant Specialty Property provides Renters Insurance for over 1.3 million apartment units throughout the United States.

Helps Pay Your Rent if You Lose Your Job

Take advantage of Renters Involuntary Unemployment Insurance. This optional coverage offers protection when the insured is affected by unemployment due to individual or mass layoff, termination by an employer, general strike, unionized labor dispute, or lockouts.*

Features include:

  • Monthly benefits of up to $500 to be applied to your rent payment
  • Benefits available for up to two months
  • Benefits paid directly to the landlord to apply to rent on your behalf

* Please Apply Now for complete details, including states availability and qualification requirements.

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